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All SEBO models include a FREE seven-year warranty on the motor, and a five-year warranty on non-wear parts and labor charges. The AUTOMATIC X models include a lifetime warranty on the belts.

The warranty only covers normal household use, commences on the date of purchase, and only applies to residents of the USA. There is no warranty coverage for commercially used vacuums, duo Brush Machines and DISCO Polishers, and requested parts or repairs for such machines are chargeable to the customer.

  • Consumable and wear items, such as bags, filters, brush rollers, cords, sealing strips and attachments.
  • Used or second hand products, or products outside of the warranty period.
  • Machines that have not been assembled, used, or maintained in accordance with the operating instructions.
  • The use of non-original SEBO parts or items not manufactured by SEBO, including but not limited to bags, filters and spare parts, or machines that have unauthorized modifications.
  • Machines in which filters have been washed and/or bags have been reused.
  • Typical wear and tear, accident, other casualty, misuse, neglect, improper use or maintenance, or any machine in which the serial number has been altered or removed.
  • Normal maintenance, such as the removal of clogs.
  • Damage caused by external sources, such as liquids, hot materials, weather or proximity to heat, e.g., fires, ovens, radiators, etc.
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SEBO America or an authorized dealer must approve and provide all warranty work. SEBO’s customer service phone number is 800-334-6614 and representatives are available Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm MST, or such repair requests can be e-mailed to info@sebo.us.

Customer service is available to advise you on self-help (such as clog removal) or to arrange any repair services. SEBO machines are designed to be easy to maintain, so most “problems” can be resolved over the phone or by watching SEBO’s How-to Videos available on this web site. Before phoning SEBO for service, please ensure you have checked for clogs, fitted a new bag, replaced dirty filters and cleaned the brush roller. If you still need to contact SEBO, please have your serial number (found on the underneath side of the power head), name of dealer, and date of purchase details available. Without proof of purchase, repairs may be chargeable.

SEBO's repair procedure is easy and convenient. Repairs that are covered under warranty are done free of charge, and SEBO even pays related freight costs. For machines that are not covered under warranty, SEBO charges customers very reasonable repair fees, plus associated freight costs.

The repair procedure is as follows:
  1. Call customer service at 800-334-6614, to discuss the problem. The outcome of the call should be one of these three options:

    1. The problem is diagnosed over the phone, and the customer service representative provides a "self-help" solution, e.g., clog removal.
    2. A referral is made to a local authorized SEBO retail store, which can provide the needed repair services.
    3. The determination is made that the machine must be repaired at SEBO's corporate office in Centennial, Colorado. If this is the case, customer service will issue a Return Material Authorization number ("RMA") and a prepaid UPS Return Label.
  2. Package for shipment that portion of the vacuum which SEBO's customer service representative instructs you to return, e.g., the power head, the bag housing, or may be the entire vacuum. Affix the UPS Return Label to the outside of the box.
  3. Leave the box at any UPS Store, pick-up location, or drop-off station.
SEBO receives returned machines within three to five days, and the repairs are usually completed on the same day. Then, the vacuum is returned via UPS. Therefore, the entire repair process typically takes about two weeks. If faster transit times are needed, SEBO can accommodate such requests, but customers are charged the additional amount of freight costs associated with the specified expedited freight service.